State of New York
Department of State
41 State Street
Albany, NY 12231-0001
Randy A. Daniels
Secretary of State

August 10, 2001

Honorable Sylvia Hurlbut
Town of Ledyard
PO Box 98 Aurora, NY 13026

Dear Supervisor Hurlbut:

I was happy to receive the final draft of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Protection Plan. I congratulate the Inter-municipal Organization, and particularly yourself, for having the vision and commitment to complete this long-term strategy for protecting the lake. As you know, preparation of inter-municipal watershed management plans has been a major priority for the Department, and we have committed substantial funding for this, and similar, efforts through the Environmental Protection Fund. Such plans serve a critical purpose by establishing a consensus among local governments within the watershed, as well as between local and state government, on priority actions needed to protect and improve lake water quality. As a result, state and local governments can work more effectively to address the complex issues affecting the lake.

Now that the plan has been completed, the Division is committed to continuing this cooperative effort as the focus switches to implementation. The process of a long-term strategy, such as the Cayuga Lake Watershed Protection Plan, should improve the ability of local governments to access the limited financial resources available for capital improvements. In this regard, implementation of intermunicipal watershed plans is also a priority of the Environmental Protection Fund and Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act.

Again, let me extend my congratulations and appreciation to you for your efforts in completing the plan and protecting Cayuga Lake. I look forward to continuing my work with yourself and the Inter-municipal Organization.


Kevin Millington
Coastal Resources Specialist



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